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Siemens Tech 可持续发展竞赛通知(Siemens Tech for Sustainability Campaign)

Combating climate change and contributing to sustainability is the need of the hour; our earth needs our commitment - it is now or never. Around the globe, countries, universities, businesses, communities, and individuals are responding to this by taking ambitious steps to build a sustainable future. Collaboration among corporates, academia, startups, a new generation of sustainability thinkers, doers, and innovators is essential to make real what matters.

应对气候变化和促进可持续发展是当下的需要:我们的地球需要我们的承诺——现在或永远不会。 在全球范围内,国家、大学、企业、社区和个人正在通过采取雄心勃勃的措施来应对这一问题,以建立一个可持续的未来。 企业、学术界、初创公司、新一代可持续发展思想家、实干家和创新者之间的合作对于实现重要的事情至关重要。


To address this, Siemens launches the global ‘Tech for Sustainability’ campaign 23, an open innovation ideation campaign with 8 challenges with the aim of engaging with students, researchers, startups, pioneering companies, and innovative individuals all over the world - to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and thereby shape our future together. The grand kick-off will happen on 13th October and will be livestreamed globally.

为了解决这个问题,西门子发起了全球“技术促进可持续发展”活动23,这是一项开放式创新构想活动,包含8个挑战,旨在与世界各地的学生、研究人员、初创公司、创业公司和创新个人互动 - 以利用技术解决现实世界的可持续发展挑战,从而共同塑造我们的未来。 盛大的开幕式将于10月13日举行,并将在全球直播。


The finalist teams will have the chance to pitch their ideas in front of Siemens experts and top management. Besides monetary prices, further follow-up of the projects within the Siemens Businesses may happen.

决赛队伍将有机会在西门子专家和高层管理人员面前展示他们的想法。 除了奖金,西门子业务内的项目可能会进一步跟进。


The 8 challenges are:


1. Financing Growth, sustainably! 可持续地融资增长

2. Swarm Behavior and the Grid 群体行为和网络

3. Enable metro freight transport 启用地铁货运

4. Tokenize the energy transition 能源转型的令牌化

5. Detecting water leaks in Mexico 检测墨西哥的漏水情况

6. Re-think performance engineering for circular products 重新思考循环产品的性能工程

7. Eco-design for motion control systems 运动控制系统的生态设计

8. Educating for Sustainability 可持续发展教育


More information about the 8 challenges and application are to be found on the official website of the campaign:



Or download the attached documents:


T4S - Detecting water leaks in Mexico _Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Eco-design for motion control systems_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Educating for Sustainability_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Enable metro freight transport_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Financing Growth, Sustainably_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Re-think performance engineering for circular products_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Swarm behavior and the Grid_Information package 2022-09.pdfT4S - Tokenize the energy transition_Information package 2022-09.pdf


Join the Kickoff event on 13th October and submit your idea(s) 13.10. - 24.11.2022 and register to stay informed about upcoming events, challenges news etc.



Great prizes as well as support by our Siemens experts and the opportunity to pitch in front of Siemens top management are waiting for you! Good luck!