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Since the year 2002, the Chinese Studies Center of the University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU) has been annually organizing the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School for students from the Chinese member institutions. Since asked by the students and our long partner universities in China to bring Paris back into the program, the Chinese Studies Center was able to arrange some modifications to the program that hopefully leads to improvement and fulfilling time for our participants during their Europeanvisit.

The 19th Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School will take place in Salzburg (Austria), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic), Heidelberg (Germany), Paris (France), Strasbourg (France), Reims (France) and Venice (Italy) from July 16th to August 13th 2020. There will be trips to Versailles (France) and Hallstatt (Austria).

The universities are going to be matched in different groups. The decision, who is going to be in  which group, will be made when all nominations from all participating universities are in (after the 1st of April).


Announcement Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School CAEUSS 2020.pdf

2019 Final Program Group 1+2 .pdf

Timetable 2020.xls