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None-Degree Exchange Programmes with partner universities in German-speaking countries

Who can apply for this programme?

1.Full-time registered student of bachelor or master level at our partner universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland which share an over-all student exchange agreement with Tongji University. Here you can find a list of our partner universities List of partners.pdf.

2.Non-Chinese Citizens: we can accept students of any nationality but Chinese due to national regulations about management of international students.

3.Students with sufficient English proficiency. Some basic Chinese knowledge would be even better.

How to apply for this programme?


Please turn to the International Office of your home university. We can only proceed with your application after we got the official nomination from the International Office of your home university.


Please finish the Online-Application at http://study-info.tongji.edu.cn/Here you can find a guidance about how to do the online-application correctly. Please do the online-application very carefully and please check the whole content again before you submit it. Because if you typed something wrong, such as your name, gender, passport number etc., the information on your admission letter will also be wrong, so that you will get problems when you apply for a visa.

3. Application Documents Submission

After you submitted the online-application, you will get an automatically generated application form in PDF-form. Please print it out, sign it yourself and let it get signed and sealed by the International Office of your home university. Then, submit the scanned version of this application form with following documents together in ONE PDF (not in several PDFs) to wangyiyang@tongji.edu.cn:

   1. Short CV/Résumé

   2. Letter of Motivation

   3. Request for Accommodation (Download here. If we don’t find this form among the application materials, no reservation will be made.)

   4. Transcripts of your previous studies

   5. Copy of Passport (the Passport shall be valid at least till the end of your stay in China)

For students who apply for the School of Economics & Management (SEM) shall submit following documents additionally:

  • Academic Transcript from Home University: GPA 3.0 and above (full mark is 4), corresponding to 3.75 of 5 in Tongji University

  • English Proficiency (choose one): TOEFL Paper-based 550, Computer-based 213/ Internet-based 79, GMAT 600, GRE 1250 (V+Q) IELST 6.5 (SEM doesn't accept DAAD language certificates).

For students who apply for Sino-German School for Graduate Studies (CDHK) shall submit following documents additionally:

  • A copy of your bachelor degree including the transcripts of undergraduate studies

  • A copy of your certificate of enrollment for master studies

  • Transcripts of your previous master studies

4. Admission and Visa

After receiving the complete application documents, we will forward them to the concerned college/school, where the final decision of acceptance will be made. With the acceptance of the college/school, we will send the official Notice of Admission via express to the International Office of each home university in June/July (for winter term) or December/January (for summer term). With the notice of admission you can apply for visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. You can find more information about visa here: http://study.tongji.edu.cn/index.php?classid=11025


Nomination deadline for winter term: April 30

Application deadline for winter term: May 30

Nomination deadline for summer term: October 30

Application deadline for summer term: December 30


Here (Attachment B - List of Courses taught in English.pdf) you can download the list of courses taught in English at Tongji University. Please notice:

1. You can not choose courses across the colleges/schools.  You can only choose the courses from the college/school at which you are registered. The only exception are the general courses about Chinese language (only beginner level available) and culture offered by the International School which are open to all the international students. If you only want to study Chinese, please choose to be registered at the International School. 

2. You can not apply for the college/school which is not on this list.

3. This list is only a kind of orientation. The actual course list of every term can be only determined at the term beginning. So you may find some deviation between this list and the actual course list of every term.

4. Selection and registration of courses append after your arrival and enrollment. The departmental coordinator of the college which you are registered at will help you with that.


1. Please fill in the request form and send to us together with other application materials. If we are not able to find a room for you, we will let you know as soon as possible.

2. The room must be rented at least for a whole semester (about 5 monthes).

3. You must pay the rent for the entire stay duration while check-in. The rent is about 70-80 Yuan/day/double room which you will share with your roommate (Each of you shall pay about 35-40 Yuan per day.). 

4. Please note that the rent for the accommodation is paid from the day of arrival.

5. The room types are distributed by the student service centre. You can not choose the room type by yourself. The reservation is made on a double-room-basis.

6. All students who are registered in the colleges located in Siping Campus shall live in Siping Campus. All students who are registered in the colleges located in Jiading Campus shall live in Jiading Campus.

7. Most students live in a double room (There are more single rooms available in Jiading Campus which are given by the “first-come-first-served-principle”. In Siping Campus there are only double rooms). Furthermore, there is no cooking area in the room, because our canteens offer three meals a day. So, if you want to cook by yourself or you are very sensible about your private sphere or you cannot accept living with another person with different nationality / religion / living habit, you shall consider living off campus.

Normally we can arrange accommodation for all our exchange students,  but it's not guaranteed. In case of an over range of international students (especially in winter term), we will follow the "first-come-first-served-principle" and ask some of the exchange students to live off campus, so please submit your application documents as early as possible. We can provide some helpful information for living off campus if students need.

Academic Calendar

WS 2016/2017:12.09.2016 – 20.01.2017SS 2017:27.02.2017 – 07.07.2017
WS 2017/18:18.09.2017 – 26.01.2018SS 2018:05.03.2018 – 13.07.2018
WS 2018/19:10.09.2018 – 18.01.2019SS 2019:25.02.2019 – 05.07.2019
WS 2019/2002.09.2019 – 17.01.2020SS 2020:24.02.2020 – 03.07.2020
WS 2020/2114.09.2020 – 22.01.2021SS 2021:01.03.2021 – 09.07.2021

1. Regristration dates: about one week before the semester start

2. Course start: same as the semester start

3. Reccommended arrival dates: no earlier than one week before the registration dates and no later than the semester start.   

4. If you get a place in the dormitory, please keep in mind that you can not move-in earlier than the reccommended arrival dates and you can not move-out later than January 31st (in winter term) and July 31st (in summer term). If you are going to stay in China beyond that dates, you need to organize an accommodation by yourself through that time.  

Research Internship?

Normally, the college/school doesn't offer any research internship for exchange students. If you plan to do a research internship at Tongji University during your exchange period, you shall get an approval and confirmation from a certain professor at first and then apply for the exchange. Of course, the college/school you apply shall be the one that professor works at. 


1. If there is any scholarship opportunity regulated by the bilateral partnership, you will be informed by the International Office of your home university. Otherwise, it means there is none such scholarship. 

2. Other scholarships offered by Chinese Government for international students: 


Transcript of record

We will send your transcript of record to the International Office of your home university after your exchange period. Of course, you can also choose to pick-up the transcript at the college/school by yourself, if the results come out before your departure. In that case, please send a scanned version of your transcript to 11666518@tongji.edu.cn .   


Ms. Yiyang WANG, wangyiyang@tongji.edu.cn


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