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After three successful years of online summer schools, UZH will be returning to host the summer programs on the beautiful campus in the heart of Zurich! The summer schools will take place 2 - 21 July 2023. Each program offers 6 ECTS credits and is open to Bachelor and Master students from all subject areas. 

Applications are now open and will close on 24 April 2023. To apply, students should first complete our registration form. The 6 easy steps of our new application process are listed on www.summerschools.uzh.ch


I would be more than grateful if you can spread the word about the UZH International Summer Schools to your network again.


Programs on offer include:
Deep Dive into Blockchain - Linking Economics, Technology and Law
For a full understanding of Blockchain, with all its implications and potential for application in practice, it is absolutely crucial to look at it from a multidisciplinary perspective. In this Summer School, students will understand the three key pillars of blockchain systems, namely the technology, the economics and the legal aspects behind it. Building on this, they will then explore other fields of application, such as forensics and data analytics. This program is highly interactive, with hands-on practice sessions incorporating the most advanced and promising blockchain-based platforms.
Regular Tuition Fee: 3,450 Swiss Francs (incl. accommodation)



Finance for the Future: Investments, Sustainable Finance and FinTech
This Summer School will focus on the past, present and future development of the Swiss financial system and wealth management in Switzerland. Students will enhance their knowledge in macroeconomics and finance. Furthermore, they will learn about the most recent and promising trends in FinTech and Sustainable Finance, and will apply their gained knowledge in a portfolio management game. This program not only offers the unique opportunity to get insights by leading experts in academia and business, but also to explore Zurich - one of the most important financial centers in the world.
Regular Tuition Fee: 3,450 Swiss Francs (incl. accommodation)


International Sports Law: Legal Challenges in the Fight Against Doping (new!)

This Summer School offers unique insights into the legal context in which international sports organizations currently operate as well as into the limits to their autonomy in designing internal procedures. Participants will explore the relevance of the European Convention on Human Rights in the context of organized sport, for instance procedural guarantees or the prohibition of discrimination.

Specific issues that will be addressed include the limits to disciplinary and investigative autonomy of sports organizations in internal disciplinary proceedings, e.g. relating to doping, and the role and limits of adjudication by arbitral tribunals and internal bodies of such organizations in general.

Tuition Fee: 3,450 Swiss Francs (incl. accommodation)