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加拿大蒙特利尔理工学院(Polytechnique Montreal) 短期科研实习项目招生通知 2019 Winter Research Internship Program

Eligibility Criteria:

Having completed at least two years of an engineering undergraduate program or at least one year of a graduate program (Master or Ph.D.) according to projects’ requirements.

Meet the specific skills required by the supervisor if any

Being fluent in French or in English


The recommended duration of the internship is a minimum of 4 months, usually taking place between January and May 2019. Other duration or period can be negotiated.

Application Documents (in French or in English):

lApplication Form (附件1)

lLetter of Motivation including the following information:

Ÿ   The selected project

Ÿ   Explanations of the interest in working in this project

Ÿ   The skills in respect to the project

(if you have selected 2 research projects, provide a letter of motivation for each project)

lCurriculum vitae (CV)

lCopy of the most recent academic transcript

lProof of a full-time enrollment from the home institution

lIf possible, a copy of an internship report made in the past



Financial Arrangement:

lTuition fee waiver for the duration of the internship

lFree transportation from the airport to your place of residence upon your arrival

lEmployer Compliance Fee of $230 CAD covered by Polytechnique Montreal (once the internship is confirmed, the work permit applicant must pay the requested immigration fee).

*Outstanding candidates may receive one of the 20 scholarships available! Amount of the scholarship: $1000 CAD per month for a maximum of 4 months.


In the past year, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has established a public policy that justifies granting a work permit exemption to certain highly skilled foreign nationals coming to Canada for 120 consecutive days or less to perform work in a Canadian university. If the students can come for 4 months or less, they could benefit from this new policy and they would only require to get a visa. For internship longer than 120 days, the institution will follow the usual invitation procedure for work permit.


Students must send electronically the required documents to the International Exchange and Cooperation office of Tongji University: lizejun@tongji.edu.cn  by July 18, 2018.

The Results will be announced in September 2018.

For any question, please can contact Ms. LI Zejun (lizejun@tongji.edu.cn)


1,附件1:2019 Polytechnique Montreal Winter Research Internship—Application Form.pdf


3,附件3:2019 Polytechnique Montreal Winter Research Internship.pdf