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The Program will run for 2 weeks, from March 1st to March 12th2021


With the Short Programs at INSA Lyon, students acquire international experience and skills through an interactive pedagogy based on student participation and practical work. this new online program focuses on preserving this hands-on experience and finds new ways to offer a real cross-cultural experience from home.


Students can choose between 2 tracks of 20 hours/2 ECTS each :

- Connected and Smart Devices as applied to Smart Cities.

Students will learn concepts and raise the challenges of the Internet of Things. Their home town will become a case study while they will work in teams to control devices from a distance through computer programming.


- Circular Design Sprint to answer a sustainable challenge.

Students will discover and experience how Design Thinking Methods can develop innovation and creativity to answer a sustainable challenge. This course will be an opportunity for students to start their circular economy consciousness and work as a team to rethink everyday products, services and systems, on the path to become responsible engineers.


Find further information on: https://www.insa-lyon.fr/en/online-spring-school


International Experience:

In order to preserve to cross-cultural experience, all students will join with French students and take part in 2 sessions of theme-based discussions. They will be supervised by a moderator form the Humanity Department who will give them tools for cross-cultural communication. Students will discuss the issue in smaller groups of 5 or 6 and work on understanding how cultural differences and similarities influence your judgement and vision of the world.


Classes will take place in the time slot from 8 am to 11 am (PARIS).

On Mondays - 1h30 Cross-Cultural Discussion

From Tuesday to Friday - 2h30 courses: theory / practice (with a break)

Saturday 6th - 1h15 Cultural Activity with a virtual visit of Lyon (focus on Smart City) and its Region (Focus on high Mountain Infrastructures in the Alpes)

Sunday 7th - 1h Cultural Activity on gastronomy (Cooking Activity)


Application Documents:

- Cover letter

- Resume

- Registration form(附件1)

- 同济大学学生校际交流项目预审表(附件2)


Program Costs:

- 350 € without tuition fees for partner universities with an exchange agreement.




附件1: 附件1 Registration form.docx

附件2: 附件2 同济大学学生校际交流项目预审表.doc


附件4: 附件4 Syllabus_ONLINE_SPRING_SCHOOL_2021.pdf