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奥地利格拉茨工大免费开放慕课“Bayesian Probability Theory”&“Microbiome and Health”

TU Graz is offering online-courses completely open and free for all students to join. The MOOCs may be appealing to students of technical fields but also to students in many other areas:

Bayesian Probability Theory (start: March 4)

Microbiome and Health (start: May 17)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our staff on office@imoox.at.

A short description about these MOOCs: 

MOOC: Bayesian Probability Theory

This course equips you with the methods of probability theory and enables you to deal with uncertainties, qualify decisions, assign probabilities and estimate parameters and models. Another ambition of this course is to promote critical questioning and to sensitize for decision making. The course will equip you with the toolbox to draw inference based on uncertain and incomplete information. As a whole, this MOOC delivers the basics that are needed in the fields of machine learning and data science.
The course is split into 9 units altogether: Bayesics of probability theory, Discrete probability distributions and samples, Multivariate distributions, Combinatorics, Stochastic processes, Bayesian deep reasoning, Parameter and model estimation and classification, Continuous probability distributions and invariance, and Bayesian simulation techniques.
Each unit is motivated by a story-based problem and focused on providing the skills and techniques to solve it.
The content is designed for Bachelor students with a basic mathematical background. For unit 1 to 7, a prerequisite is the knowledge of the sum notation, vector calculus and simple algebraic transformation. The last units about continuous variables require integration techniques.
Be part of Captain Bayes' crew to sail the ocean of uncertainties and big data and join their adventures of probability theory. Sign up for free at https://imoox.at/course/bayes


MOOC: Microbiome and Health

This MOOC will comprise interactive lectures and presentations, experiments and even a game!

Microbiome research represents a novel chapter within microbiology. This MOOC provides an introductory knowledge platform for multiple disciplines such as medicine, agriculture, food science, biotechnology/-economy and informatics. The microbiome’s influence on plant, human and planetary health will be discussed and novel techniques and methods for data analysis will be presented.

The following six chapters will be covered by the MOOC: Introduction, Techniques and Methods, the Plant Microbiome, the Human Microbiome, Resistome and Exposome, Microbiome Research or Planetary Health and SDGs.
After completing the MOOC, you will have acquired advanced knowledge about the microbiome and related topics in the field of plant and human research. You will be aware of state-of-the-art methodologies including bioinformatic data processing. You will know the potential of the microbiome to combat current global issues and the need for preservation strategies to protect microbial diversity and functions. 
Basic biological knowledge is required to participate in the Microbiome and Health MOOC, but the most important thing to bring with you is general interest in this novel research field. 
Sign up for free at https://imoox.at/course/microbiome