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We are pleased to inform you that this year’s summer programme has changed its name to the International Summer University: German Engineering and Language programme and will take place from 30 June – 27 July 2019. We would also like to inform you of some updates we have made to this programme.


The Summer University programme invites Undergraduate students from Engineering Degree programmes to explore German Engineering and to get an insight into the German language and culture.


The International Summer University consists of four components:

1. Engineering Courses (Automotive Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Production Engineering), Workshops and Excursions to German companies.

2. Intensive German Language Courses on A1, A2 and B1 level

3. Intercultural Competence Training on Working and Studying in Germany.

4. Social and Cultural Programmes as well as Excursions in and around the Hessen region.



The 2019 programme will hold different modules where students will have the opportunity to choose aerospace or automotive engineering courses in the first two weeks and then continue the last two weeks with production or mechatronic engineering courses. We believe this gives the students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding in the chosen field of study by focusing in these areas of engineering. Although it is not a requirement, this programme will be most useful to undergraduate students with an interest or previous knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. Students studying in similar subject areas within the field of Engineering and Sciences are of course also welcome to apply.


Please find the syllabus attached to this email for more information on the courses offered for the programme this upcoming year.



The total costs are € 2,200, but we are glad to grant your students a programme fee waiver.

The discounted fee is € 1,750.

The application Deadline is 15 April 2019.


The programme costs cover: engineering courses, workshops, company visits, language courses, intercultural competence training, course materials, social activities and excursions, ticket for public transportation, insurances, student services and accommodation (excl. breakfast) in two-person rooms with a kitchenette. However, travelling and living expenses will need to be covered by the participants.



Participants may obtain 9 credit points of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which accounts for 4.5 US / Canadian credit points.


You can find more detailed information about the programme via our website: https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/isu.

Flyer ISU 2019 TU Darmstadt.pdf

ISU Programme 2019 DRAFT.pdf

Syllabus ISU 2019 TU Darmstadt.pdf