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Contact Person:
LIANG Yijun (Ms.)

TEL: +8621-65983579
FAX: +8621-65985216

Foreign teachers are an important part of Tongji University's faculty. They play a crucial roll in the University's daily teaching and research, while enriching all academic disciplines. The University actively recruits highly qualified foreign experts and scholars from all over the world. They bring academic and cultural qualifications which enhance our already excellent ­­­­faculty. Retention of foreign teachers is extremely important to our university's continuing competitive participation in international academics, as well as establishing Tongji University as a world-class university.

Mission statement: We provide clean, safe and comfortable accommodations for our foreign teachers with enthusiastic, thoughtful, and efficient service. Our services to foreign teachers include aid to each college and department with necessary visas, expert certificates and stay permits. We strive to organize cultural activities to enrich foreign teachers' experiences in China.