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Elite Training Camp for Cross-straits college students held in Tongji


From Dec. 8th to Dec. 11th, 105 college students from across Taiwan Strait participated in the Elite Training Camp in Tongji. This training camp was supervised by Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office and the Communist Youth League (CYL) Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and co-organized by Shanghai Students’ Federation, the Communist Youth League Committee of Tongji University, and Dale Carnegie Training. Qu Guoliang, Deputy Director of Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office, Xia Kejia, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal CYL Committee, Li Xin, Vice Chairman of Tongji University Council and Hei Liyan, Executive Director of Carnegie Training were present at the opening ceremony.

Students from 20 higher education institutes in Taiwan and 22 in Mainland attended the training camp. During the four-day training, students took part in a series of Carnegie courses to learn about self-confidence promotion, high EQ building, gratitude, effective communication and team motivation. They also participated in interactive competitions like Super Idol and visited Shanghai Commemoration Exhibition and Yangpu-Tongji Knowledge-based Economy Circle.